SureSmile vs Invisalign: What’s the Best Treatment for Me?

According to studies, 9 in 10 people have misaligned teeth. Naturally, that means that orthodontic care is in high demand. Two of the most popular custom aligners for straight teeth are SureSmile and Invisalign. 

Both brands offer discreet, removable aligners that gradually shift your teeth into place. However, they have a few differences.

So, which brand should you choose? Well, in the content below, we’ll explain the contrasts between SureSmile vs. Invisalign. By the end of this article, you should be able to make an informed decision. Continue reading to learn more!

Understanding SureSmile

SureSmile uses 3D imaging and robotic precision to create custom aligners. This brand prides itself on providing fast, accurate results. Its treatment times are generally shorter compared to other options.

SureSmile aligners are created through a meticulous process that starts with a digital scan. This scan is then used to create a 3D model of your mouth. The model allows orthodontists to carefully plan the movement of each individual tooth. The aligners are then manufactured using state-of-the-art robotic technology.

One of the key advantages of SureSmile is its ability to target specific tooth movements with great accuracy. These aligners are designed to apply the right amount of force to each tooth. As a result, they provide efficient, effective treatment. 

Understanding Invisalign

Invisalign is a pioneer in clear aligner technology. It offers a range of treatment options and has a long-standing reputation for excellence.

These aligners are made from patented, SmartTrack material that’s smooth and comfortable to wear. There were 260 materials tested before SmartTrack came to be, and it took 8 years of research and development.

Invisalign is custom-made for each patient using advanced 3D imaging. The treatment process begins with a digital impression of your teeth, which is used to create a personalized treatment plan.

Moreover, Invisalign aligners are designed to gradually shift your teeth into the desired position over time. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks. Then, you move on to the next set in the series. This process continues until your teeth are straight.

Invisalign is versatile. It offers treatment options for various orthodontic issues including crowded teeth, gaps, overbites, underbites, and crossbites. The brand has been around for over two decades and has continuously improved its technology to deliver outstanding results.

Also, Invisalign aligners are removable, allowing you to eat, drink, brush, and floss with ease.

The Key Differences Between SureSmile vs. Invisalign

While both SureSmile and Invisalign provide clear aligners, there are some key differences between the two brands. Here are a few of them:

Time on the Market

One major difference between SureSmile and Invisalign is their time on the market. Invisalign is slightly older. It was founded in 1997.

On the contrary, SureSmile was founded in 1998. They both have been around for a long time, but they’re developed by different companies. Align Technology produces Invisalign, and OraMatrix owns SureSmile.

Aligner Material

Another notable difference between these custom aligners is their material. Invisalign uses a multilayer material that’s tough and offers optimal results. SureSmile’s material is a bit thinner. Unfortunately, it’s more prone to cracking and warping.

In fact, SureSmile uses the aligner material that Invisalign used before it was officially patented. However, SureSmile aligners have a straight-line cut design. Therefore, there aren’t as many attachments needed as Invisalign.

Treatment Process

The treatment process differs between the two brands. Both aligners are typically worn for 20-22 hours a day. But, SureSmile may have a shorter overall treatment duration. This is due to its precise tooth movement capabilities.

On average, Invisalign is worn 12-18 months, while SureSmile is worn 6-18 months. Of course, your specific treatment time depends on the condition of your teeth.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between SureSmile and Invisalign

When deciding between SureSmile vs. Invisalign, take several factors into consideration. Think about the following:

Orthodontic Needs

Consider the complexity of your orthodontic issues. SureSmile’s precision may be beneficial for individuals with more challenging cases, while Invisalign offers a wide range of treatment options for various dental concerns.

Treatment Time

If you’re looking for faster results, SureSmile may be a better option. Its technology allows for accurate tooth movements, potentially reducing treatment duration. However, it’s important to consult with your orthodontist to determine the expected treatment timeline. 


Budget is important for many individuals. While the cost of treatment can vary depending on factors, Invisalign is more widely available. On the flipside, SureSmile is usually less expensive.


Think about your lifestyle and how aligners will fit into it. Both SureSmile and Invisalign aligners are removable. They allow you to eat, brush, and floss with ease. However, if you have a busy schedule, you may prefer the extra precision and control offered by SureSmile aligners.

Cost Comparison of SureSmile vs. Invisalign

The cost of orthodontic treatment can differ based on several factors, including the complexity of the case, the region you are in, and the orthodontist you choose. Generally, SureSmile aligners tend to be slightly less expensive than Invisalign aligners.

However, SureSmile’s cutting-edge technology and precision may come at a higher price point. It’s important to note that the actual cost will depend on the specific treatment plan recommended by your orthodontist.

In some cases, the added benefits of SureSmile may outweigh the higher cost. You can expect to pay about $4,000 for SureSmile.

Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, offer a variety of treatment options at various prices. This makes them more accessible to a wider audience. The cost for Invisalign ranges between $3,000 to $8,000.

Again, consult with your orthodontist to get an accurate cost estimate. They’ll be able to provide a detailed breakdown of the treatment plan and discuss the financing options that are available to you.

SureSmile and Invisalign Vernon Hills Orthodontic Care

When it comes to SureSmile vs. Invisalign, there isn’t a right or wrong choice. As you can see, both options have a lot to offer.

So, if you’re desiring straight teeth, we’ve got you covered. At Graber & Gyllenhaal Orthodontics, we provide SureSmile and Invisalign Vernon Hills orthodontic care. Our dental services also include metal and braces. 

To get started on your smile journey, contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!