How to Talk to Your Children About Clear Braces for Kids

Did you know that there are more than 16,000 practices around the country that offer orthodontic services? Every year, these practices generate over $22 billion worth of value in the United States alone. They also work with more than 91,000 people to help us enjoy greater oral beauty and health.

One reason that the orthodontic industry has done so well for itself is that it continues to create new products. In particular, clear braces for kids represent a breakthrough in the orthodontic field. The more you understand about this new kind of orthodontic technology, the easier it is to appreciate how much of an improvement it is upon traditional metal braces.

At the same time, kids are often reluctant to receive braces of any kind. That goes double if they don’t appreciate how clear braces are different from metal ones. So how can you talk to your kids about getting clear braces?

Read on to learn all about the top things to keep in mind as you talk with your children about clear braces!

Ask About How to Talk to Kids About Braces

If you want to know how to prepare kids for braces, why not speak with others who have already done it with their own children? If you know anyone who has children with clear braces, consider asking them how to talk to teens about braces. In fact, it might be even more helpful to speak with the teens or children themselves.

Many teens dread getting braces at first. Later on, they realize that clear braces are not as much of an inconvenience as they thought. That can provide a powerful testimonial that can help your own children realize that getting clear braces might not be so bad in the short term.

That goes double when you think about the long-term benefits of clear braces.

Even if you know of families with teens who have already finished with their clear braces, it might be helpful to ask them to share their experiences with you and your family. After all, if you want to know how to prepare teens for braces, why not ask teens what they would have liked to know before they got their own clear braces?

Talk About Different Braces Options

When you talk with your own children about getting clear braces, it might be helpful to investigate various braces options together. The more your children understand about traditional metal braces, the more they might appreciate how much better clear braces are.

Depending on your situation, it might even be helpful to involve your teens in choosing which kind of braces are right for them. Once your teens know about what getting both metal braces and clear braces entails, it is very likely that they will prefer getting clear braces. Involving them in making this decision can help them feel more ownership over it.

Emphasize the Benefits of Clear Braces

When many kids think about getting braces, they imagine negative experiences based on traditional metal braces. However, that can make learning more about clear braces the best way to overcome some of their fears. The truth is that it is difficult to think of many ways in which metal braces can compete with new clear alternatives.

So what exactly makes clear braces so much better than traditional options?

Clear Braces Are Less Noticeable

For many teens, the biggest problem with braces is that they call attention to themselves. However, clear braces are much less noticeable than metal ones. In fact, many people who speak with your teens won’t even notice they have clear braces.

Of course, some people will still know that your children have braces. However, that by itself does not have to present much of a problem when those braces do not call constant attention to themselves.

You Can Remove Clear Braces as Desired

Another great thing about clear braces is that you can remove them when you want to. As a general rule, you will want to keep them in as much as possible so that they can work their magic. However, it can provide a lot of comfort to kids to know that they can remove their braces for the occasional special event or photo shoot.

Clear Braces Can Work Faster

Depending on the exact structure of your children’s teeth, they might only need clear braces for about 1 year. If you are lucky, your children might even be able to finish their teeth-straightening process in only about 6 months. Traditional metal braces tend to take multiple years, so it makes more sense that teens would be reluctant to get them.

Clear Braces Don’t Affect Your Diet

Traditional metal braces can be damaged by a wide variety of hard and sticky foods. However, your children will be able to remove their clear braces to eat. As a result, getting clear braces has a much smaller impact on your children’s lifestyle.

The same applies to how your children brush and floss. Because they can remove their clear braces, they can continue following their current oral hygiene habits.

Know How to Talk About Clear Braces for Kids

Even today, it can be difficult to talk with kids about getting braces. However, it is also worth noting that clear braces for kids are a much better option than traditional metal braces in most cases. There is a long list of reasons that clear braces can be an attractive option for kids who want to grow up with straight teeth.

To learn more about how you can find the best orthodontic services for your needs, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!