Graber Orthodontics Patient of the Month – Introducing Hannah!


At Graber Orthodontics, every month our team gathers for a staff meeting with the doctors, clinicians, and administrators. As part of new initiative, we have elected to highlight one patient from both offices as our “Patient of the Month.” This person is someone who exemplifies what it means to be a “Graber patient” – a positive attitude, a commitment to treatment, and a healthy and beautiful smile! We are excited to introduce Hannah as our Patient of the Month!

Hannah recently joined Graber Orthodontics as a Phase 1 patient and we could not be happier that her family chose our office for treatment! W

alking into every appointment with confidence and a smile on her face, Hannah lights up the office with her positive attitude!

Before she heads to the clinic for her appointments, Hannah loves to visit our Starbucks coffee station for a quick boost before her adjustments (with her parents’ permission, of course). The coffee happens to be one of her favorite things about our office, as she “started drinking it here when she was 6!”

With hundreds of different color combinations, Hannah loves picking out different colored ties to decorate her brackets. Being able to wear her favorite colors or coordinate with upcoming holidays is Hannah’s favorite part of treatment so far. Although she will be sad when her first phase of treatment is over, Hannah is enjoying her braces and expander!

While she was originally shy and nervous, Hannah now loves to visit the office and looks forward to her appointments. We understand

that it can be a scary or intimidating for younger patients to visit an orthodontic office. At Graber Orthodontics, the doctors and the entire team do our best to make all of our patients and their family members feel comfortable and at ease while they are visiting. Hannah’s positivity and growing confidence makes her an easy choice for our Graber Orthodontics patient of the month!

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