SureSmile Orthodontic Technology: Using Innovation to Create the Perfect Smile

Dreaming of the perfect smile?

Studies show that smiling is actually good for your health. It can even help reduce stress.

So why are you waiting to get braces? If it’s because of the time and hassle, then we’ve got good news.

The latest technology in braces has made wearing them and shaping your bite easier, faster, and more accurate than ever

You’ll be on your way to a better smile in a matter of months! The secret is in the Suresmile software that allows your doctor to plan out the movement of each individual tooth using virtual scans of your bite.

Read on to find out how your treatment plan is one step closer to straight teeth using the latest in orthodontic technology.

What is Suresmile?

Forget everything you thought you knew about braces. There’s a new wire in town.

Suresmile is a new advanced technology that allows your orthodontist to turn 3D scans of your teeth into virtual molds. They can then use these to create your treatment plan using braces.

When your orthodontist uses Suresmile orthodontic technology, they gain the benefit of 3D imaging. The results are a more precise and accurate movement into your perfect smile. 

First, your orthodontist is able to use Suresmile software to create a 3-D computer model of your bite. This advanced imaging technology is made possible using a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) or iTero scanner.

The scan is not only three dimensional it also shows your doctor additional tissue types such as bone, nerves, muscles, and soft tissues. This will also help your doctor determine the root placement of each individual tooth. 

With this image, the orthodontist can literally plan out the movement and end placement of each tooth. Your doctor will be able to see all angles of your tooth and how they will interact with each other as they shift in position. You can see exactly what the results of your braces will look like before treatment has started. 

Not Your Average Braces

Suresmile will then be able to show different virtual simulations. This will allow your doctor to better plan out a more individualized approach to your treatment. 

That’s not all, once your orthodontist is able to plan out the end goal, the Suresmile technology relays this information to a robot. The robot bends and shapes memory alloy archwire specifically to your treatment plan. There’s no room for human error or inaccuracy with this technology.

This quality wire will gently provide forces needed to move your teeth into the desired position. You’ll have a more consistent and direct movement into your new smile. Plus, these “smart” wires are actually activated by your body heat! They’ll retain your individual prescription permanently.

Less Time, Better Results

This not only results in a more flawless placement. It also allows for faster results. Which means you’ll spend less time in braces, and more time smiling with confidence. In fact, Suresmile has been known to reduce time in braces by 33%. In most cases, that’s as much as eight months earlier!

Don’t worry about the faster results damaging your teeth. The wires don’t actually move your teeth faster than traditional braces. Rather, because the computer imaging is more accurate your teeth will move directly into the desired location.

Other traditional treatment plans require patients to have multiple adjustments to their braces over time. Without the assistance of the Suresmile software, it’s difficult to know exactly how teeth will move. So using traditional methods, an orthodontist may need to change their plan as they go depending on the results in real-time.

Lifetime of Benefits

With Suresmile, you’ll have fewer visits to the orthodontist. That means more free time for your busy schedule.

Plus, the precision of Suresmile has a lifetime worth of benefits. Your teeth rely on a specific position for optimum oral health. They also will be more stable the better they fit together. This means they won’t wear down unevenly causing more dental problems. 

Studies show that patients who received treatment using Suresmile found that they had better end results. They also completed their treatment plans in less time than traditional braces. This state-of-the-art technology is worth the long term benefits for your bite!

What to Expect

The treatment plan begins with the placement of your brackets. A traditional straight wire is inserted through the metal brackets. This will cause your teeth to move a bit. Once your teeth have leveled and aligned using the straight wire, your doctor will have you set up an appointment to get your Suresmile scan. 

It’s best if you don’t miss any appointments. This will only prolong your treatment process. You will need to keep up with your daily cleaning and hygiene practices. It’s important to keep your teeth healthy throughout.

Ready, Set, Scan!

After your doctor scans your teeth using the CBCT or iTero scan, the computer will convert it into a 3D image of your mouth including your teeth, gums, and bones.

This happens instantly! So your bite will take shape on the computer as you’re being scanned. Also, the great thing about this process is it doesn’t require you to have to get messy impressions for molds. 

Precise Treatment Plan

Your doctor will then take some time to rework the model into your ultimate bite. Normally, a lot of work is done to measure your bite manually and then bend the wire by hand. This takes a long time and bending the wire for your braces by hand, doesn’t result in the most precise results.

With Suresmile software, your doctor will be able to determine the position of each individual tooth. The bite that your doctor created virtually will be sent as a prescription to a robot.

This robot will then bend the exact measurements for your bite into your wire at extremely high heat. When manually adjusting the wire, your doctor may over or under correct his or her adjustments. But the robot is extremely accurate. This results in less time with braces, better results, and also fewer wires. 

Amazing Results 

Once your Suresmile wire is completed, your doctor will replace the other wire with the new Suresmile wire into your brackets. Remember, this wire is known as Smart Memory Alloy. It is a combination of copper, nickel, and titanium.

After the Smart Memory Alloy is placed in your mouth it will heat to your body temperature and begin to move your teeth!

Find Your Perfect Smile

Suresmile software is the latest in advanced technology being used to create a perfect smile in less time again and again. This treatment plan is tailored to each individual patient, so you receive the most direct path to your optimal tooth alignment.

You’ll not only be amazed by the results, but relieved by how quickly and easily it works. You can trust in the precision of Suresmile and the expertise of our orthodontists.

If you’re ready to get the smile you’ve been dreaming of, contact our office today!