Smile Direct Club Closure: A Statement from Our Doctors

A statement from Dr. Katie, Dr. Kelley and Dr. Leslie on direct-to-consumer teeth aligner companies.

Choosing an orthodontic treatment is a significant decision, and the expertise of a board-certified orthodontist holds immense value compared to alternative options like Smile Direct Club, who has recently abruptly ended its operations.

A board-certified orthodontist brings a wealth of education, training, and experience to the table. Their specialized knowledge allows for a comprehensive examination of your oral health, considering not just the alignment of your teeth but also your overall bite, jaw structure, and oral health needs. This personalized approach ensures a treatment plan tailored specifically to your unique situation, which may involve adjustments beyond just teeth alignment.

Additionally, a board-certified orthodontist provides a safe and controlled environment for treatments. They are equipped to handle any complications or adjustments that may arise during the course of your treatment, ensuring your safety and the effectiveness of the orthodontic procedure.

While alternatives like Smile Direct Club offer convenience and cost-effectiveness, the expertise and personalized care provided by a board-certified orthodontist cannot be overlooked. Your smile and oral health are long-term investments, and entrusting them to a qualified professional ensures comprehensive care and the best possible outcome for your unique dental needs.

If you or someone you know has been affected by the closure and would like to continue on with their treatment, call us for a consultation.