Get the Best Smile in Record Time

By Dr. Katie Graber

We realize getting braces can be a stressful decision—for yourself or your child. At Graber Orthodontics, we like to take the stress out of the equation so you can focus on getting a great new smile as quickly as possible!

One of the technologies we work with is called the SureSmile. SureSmile is an orthodontic software that combines 3-D technology, robotics and customization to improve treatment outcomes. Conventionally the orthodontist just looks at the outside of the mouth and how the teeth look. SureSmile software allows us to look at the tooth roots and bone structure to ensure all of the teeth are precisely positioned for each individual patient… and healthy for years to come. And the best part for you? No more molds!

SureSmile acquires data with a 3D scanner to take the “impressions” of your teeth. Using a computer, I can precisely plan the individual movements for each tooth to make the wires for the best outcome. A robot bends the wires according to my wire “prescription.” This eliminates human error when bending wires for your braces – and increases the precision of the tooth movement. It also means you have a totally custom set of braces that can reduce your treatment by nearly 8 months!

Dr. Katie Graber is co-faculty head for SureSmile teaching orthodontists nationally and internationally how to use technology to improve patient care.

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