You’re Never “Too Old” to Get Braces
Nearly 4 out of 10 of our patients at Graber Orthodontics are adult patients. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and balanced bites more evenly share the wear and tear your teeth endure on a regular basis. Everyone wants to have a great looking smile, and orthodontic treatment has the added goal of producing better long-term health. So if you didn’t have braces as a child or you find your adult teeth are shifting, we can discuss adult options that fit your lifestyle. Some of the problems we watch for in adults can be seen here on The American Association of Orthodontists website.

Aside from traditional metal braces, we offer a variety of cutting-edge treatment options. We have clear braces and for some patients can affix braces to the insides of teeth so they are “invisible” or hidden. We also offer clear aligners including Invisalign® and Accelerated Invisalign® and limited or “express” aligners. These highly customized removable clear trays fit over your teeth and are more flexible for your lifestyle. Some of our patients elect AcceleDent® to improve comfort and speed of treatment. During your initial evaluation, we will discuss what options are right for you. We also work with your dentist to optimize the health aspects of your treatment so as to improve function and longevity.

A customized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle will allow you to have a great Graber Smile as quickly as possible. Check out our social media accounts to see what our patients are saying!